Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Escape with Wild Magic

Wild Magic
By: Tamora Pierce

I wanted to post a review about a book that isn't new to me. This is a book that I read for the first time about six years ago when I was fourteen. I then went on to finish this series (and every other one) by Tamora Pierce. This is a very big repeat read for me because I loved Daine and her story. I have read this book probably five times now. While I recommend you start with Alanna: The First Adventure because it is the first book in the world of Tortall. Reading that one first will prevent you from getting spoilers that Wild Magic has as being a set in the same world with many overlapping characters.

The Goodreads blurb: Young Daine's knack with horses gets her a job helping the royal horsemistress drive a herd of ponies to Tortall. Soon it becomes clear that Daine's talent, as much as she struggles to hide it, is downright magical. Horses and other animals not only obey, but listen to her words. Daine, though, will have to learn to trust humans before she can come to terms with her powers, her past, and herself.

Tamora Pierce is amazing a several things. She creates series kick-butt characters, an immersive world, and amazing magic. Wild Magic is probably tied for my favorite series of hers (with Trickster's Choice which should be read after this and the Alanna Song of the Lioness series). The immersive world of Tortall is irresistible and compelling. If you read all her series in order you get beyond well-developed characters that grow and change. 

But speaking strictly about Wild Magic I enjoy the book because we get to see Daine grow and develop. We see relationships between characters progress and strengthen. I love the animals that we meet and the way we get to watch Daine's confidence with animals grow. And most of all I love the magic that brings the world and the book alive. If you want a great fantasy series with magic, adventure, and romance then stick with this book series and you won't be disappointed.

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