Review Policy
If you are a publisher or an author, then please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like for me to review your book. Please note that I will accept either eBooks or hardcover/paperback novels. If you decide to contact me please include what format the book will be.

Reviews Include:
- Book title
- Author
- Rating
- Goodreads Summary
- Cover Photo
- Release date (If it has not yet been released)
- My honest thoughts, feelings, and opinions. I don’t tend to analyze books, but do give impressions of the plot, writing, and/or characters.
- Links to Goodreads and Amazon

Repeat Reads focuses on Young Adult literature, but I am also willing to read certain middle grade or adult novels. 

Genre Preferences:
- Fantasy
- Adventure
- Clean Romances (no explicit scenes)
- Paranormal
- Science Fiction
- Contemporary fiction
- Dystopian

You can find Words/Topics that I prefer here 

Series: I will only accept a book from a series if it is the first or the second novel. If it is the second novel please make sure I have read the first book or provide me with a copy of the first book to read.

will NOT accept:
- Nonfiction
- Horror
- Explicit Romances
- Adult Literature

If I accept your novel, please give me at least a month to read and review it. If you are sending an ARC I will try to have the review up around the publication date. If you want me to send you the review when it is published please let me know.

Blog Tours
I would love to participate in blog tours so if you're organizing one that you think would interest me, please let me know.

Author Interviews
If you are an author who would like to be interviewed, please send a copy of your book giving me time to read it before the questions need to be submitted. 

Email: repeatreads(at)gmail(dot)com

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