Rating System

5 Books: This is a Repeat Read! This is a five star book that I would read again (and again and again) because I loved it so much. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading (and even those who do not), because something about it really stuck with me.

4 Books: This is a book I enjoyed reading and would most likely read again, but it might be missing something or I did not enjoy some aspect of the book. I would recommend it to others, but it may not be for everyone. It failed to hold my attention in some way.

3 Books: This is a book I would not reread, but it was worth it to read at least once. I liked it, but it lacked some quality that made it worth enjoying more then once. It might still appeal to certain reader, but it isn't.

2 Books: I would never reread this books. I finished reading it, but I did not like many aspects of it. I wouldn't recommend it to others. Some may still enjoy it (we don't all have the same taste), but I did not. 

1 Book: I disliked this book, wouldn't read it again, and in some cases might not have even been able to finish it. Many things made me unable to enjoy it or left me with feeling upset, angry, annoyed, or with any other negative emotion that comes from poor writing, bad characterization, or a plot didn't exist or was poorly executed. This is rare, but there are some                                                   books I just can't stand for whatever reason (which I will share).

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