Saturday, August 3, 2013

Weekend Update: Apologies, Excitement, and News

Where in the World is Lisa Jean?

I mentioned I had news, but then I was too busy to announce it. Now my journeys at an end, but I want you to know why I have been gone from my blog for so long. I had meant to post during these past seven weeks, but I couldn't find the time.

I'm in London!!!

I have been on a study abroad in England touring for a few weeks, but mostly stationed near St. Paul's Cathedral. I even spent a weekend in Scotland. I am sorry that this update is coming when I only have a week left in my eight week trip. But that is what happens when you stay in a flat that limits the data (mb) and minutes you can use each week. And with travel blogging was a lower priority. But next time I am going to disappear I promise to let you know first!

Still I have been working on blogging plans in some ways. I have pictures from travel that are tributes to some of my favorite British Authors. Look forward to a post dedicated to my Harry Potter experience in London and Scotland. Also look forward to a post all about the amazing author of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen. I took pictures of some other London landmarks featured in books I have read and re-read so I might do a blanket post for those books or individual reviews. This is still to be decided.

Either way I look forward to sharing some of my bookish experience on this trip with you when I return to the states the week of August 12th. I will also be participating in Meg-A Readers the next week as well, which I am very excited about since I followed that even last year! If you don't know what the Meg-A Readers Blog Hop is then check out the information here.

Lastly, Thanks to all my followers for dealing with an extended absence with little information. I'm grateful you didn't abandon my blog and I hope to continue to make it better!

I tried attaching pictures, but it seems my internet here won't let me. Those will have to wait as well! But at least you are informed now!!

EDIT: Seems the picture got on here but huge and 3 times. I have fixed that. It is a picture of me by the Peter Pan statue in Hyde Park.

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  1. Can't wait to see what you'll be adding! Come home!!