Friday, May 3, 2013

Escape with Agent Colt Shore: Domino 29

Agent Colt Shore: Domino 29
By: Axel Avian

I was contacted by Arundel Publishing and given the opportunity to read Agent Colt Shore: Domino 29 before it is officially released on May 15th. I have to say that not only was I honored to get this opportunity, but I was more excited to read this new teen spy novel.

The Goodreads blurb: When an ordinary kid learns he’s the heir to a secret agent dynasty, F.A.L.C.O.N puts him on a case to protect a famous rock group and find a missing journalist. Before he knows it, Colt Shore has gone from body guard to rock star to full-fledged agent when he learns that a human trafficking ring plans to kidnap a group of teenage girls. It will take more than his ingenuity and skills and a couple of cool gadgets to protect his new friends and rescue the captured girls before it’s too late.

I loved Agent Colt Shore. I stayed up until 2am and read it straight through the day I got it. As it says on the cover, this was a thrilling must-read. It has everything you want from a spy novel, including spy gadgets, mystery, and danger. This is an imaginative book with action and adventure that hooks you from the start.

 I loved that Colt Shore remains very relatable. He wants to do his best, but he doubts himself. I found Colt to be realistically portrayed (for a spy novel) and a very charismatic of a character. I could connect easily with Colt and appreciate him as a person and as an agent.

Other things I enjoyed were the connection of the dominos throughout the novel. On the back of the book it says "Start with a domino the size of a piece of gum, and 29 dominos later, you're knocking down one the size of the Empire State Building". Like this analogy  the story build with the domino effect, and is used to connect moments in the novel. But it also paces itself so you don't feel like it rushes straight into action. While I wish the conclusion could have been longer, I still felt the rest of the book did a good job of not rushing into the exciting parts. The story really builds as you read it. I can't wait to read the next book in the series, Agent Colt Shore: The Games Begin.

If you like teen spy novels, like Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz, then you will love Agent Colt Shore.

Check out Agent Colt Shore: Domino 29 on Goodreads or Amazon.

You can also check out the website of the author Axel Avian for more information about the book, places visited in the book, and the Domino Chain ReactionPlus a challenging Android and iphone game called Agent Colt Shore: Falcon Academy is supposed to be released on May 15th!

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  1. Thank you so much for the fantastic review! We loved it!

    1. I love spy novels and I really enjoyed Agent Colt Shore! I'm sure a lot of Alex Rider fans will love it as well.