Thursday, April 11, 2013

BTT #2

Welcome to another Booking through Thursday question! This week it is:

What’s the last book that made you spring to your feet, eager to spread the word and tell everyone how much you enjoyed it?

My first thought was Evren by Marian Tee. It was free on Kindle one day so I downloaded it, but didn't read it for several months afterword. But when I started reading it I devoured it!

Goodreads blurb: Sixteen-year-old Deli Winters wakes up, dying. A voice asks her if she wants help, no matter the cost, and she agrees. The next thing she knows, a monster is bathing her in fire. She has become Evren: immortals with dragons for souls. Deli is pretty, bubbly, and stubbornly optimistic. She’s not what anyone would think the ideal girlfriend would be for someone like Lucian Chevalier, her gorgeous, aloof, and perpetually busy savior. But Deli is in love with him and in between dodging the traps of Sanger High’s Queen Bee and working hard at becoming an ass-kicking Evren warrior chick to avenge her parents’ murders, Deli is determined to win Lucian’s heart…whether he likes it or not.

It is an amazing young adult book with magic and dragons! It has mystery/intrigue as well as romance. I feel in love with Lucian and while Deli got annoying, she is so innocent it makes her appealing. I think that it was an exciting read because it was so original. It had so many ideas I had not experienced in other books so that made it even more appealing. And it could have gone graphic, but it didn't which is my preference.



  1. And the last book that I thought was amazing: Rules of Civility! Keep blogging.

  2. Another new to me book. I'm finding a lot of those today. Glad you enjoyed it so much.

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    1. Thanks for the visit! I love BTT is has lead to some interesting new book discoveries from other blogs for me as well!