Thursday, April 4, 2013

BTT #1

Don't know what Booking through Thursday is? Its a blog that posts a question for book bloggers to respond to every Thursday. Feel free to go check it out.

This Thursdays Question: 
What’s the silliest (most foolish?) book you’ve ever read? Did you enjoy it?

I spent awhile looking through my bookshelf and kindle cloud before coming up with the answer to this one. I can think of many books that are silly, but the most silly or foolish? I think I'm going to have to say that the Spy Goddess series by Michael P. Spradlin. I enjoyed reading it, but they are very silly.

Goodreads blurb: Not really. I'm just misunderstood. Of course, that's not how the judge saw it. That's how I wound up at freaky Blackthorn Academy. Talk about boring. There isn't even a mall nearby. I mean, what did they expect a girl from Beverly Hills to do? Also, from the start I could tell there was something really weird about Blackthorn: The headmaster, Mr. Kim, knew way too much about me. The class schedule features Intro to Code Theory and Microelectronics. A whole section of the school is off-limits. Then the FBI showed up ... and Mr. Kim disappeared. Well, here's something Mr. Kim didn't know about me: Rachel Buchanan never gives up when there are secrets to uncover. Watch out, Blackthorn Academy

Even the blurb makes it sound a bit silly to me. Its a semi-original idea and I got into the book for the most part, but book seems a bit too childish as you read it. I enjoy spy novels, but this one went about it in a way that just seemed a bit contrived. And the main character is endearing, but hopelessly foolish. It probably was about a 3.5/5 because I enjoyed the read but I also felt it was a bit ridicules overall.

Enjoy the Escape!


  1. I like reading your blog, it's great, makes me actually want to read lol :)